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What everyone needs to know about Wal-Mart

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What everyone needs to know about Wal-Mart...
The next time you go shopping, think about this before you pull into Wal-Mart's parking lot: The owners of one of America's premiere retail corporations is comprised of  five of the ten richest people in the world, all from the same family. Their personal wealth eclipses 100 BILLION dollars. Last year the companies CEO was paid a cool $11.5 million, more than the annual salaries of 765 of  his employees combined!
The company's profits are over $7 BILLION annually. In these difficult economic times how do they do it? This company runs ads featuring the United States flag and proclaims "We Buy American". In 2001 they moved their world-wide purchasing headquarters to China and are the largest importer of Chinese goods in the US, purchasing over $10 BILLION of Chinese made products annually. Products made mostly by women and children working in the labour hell-holes China is famous for.
>   Their average employee working in the US makes $15,000 a year, $7.22 per hour! The company brags that 70% of their employees are full time, but fails to disclose that they count anyone working 28 hours a week or more as full time. There are NOhealth care benefits unless you have worked for the company for two years. With a turnover rate averaging above 50% per year, only 38% of their 1.3 million employees have health care coverage. In California alone, it's estimated that the taxpayers pay over $20 million annually to subsidize health care benefits for these employees who get none from this behemoth corporation.
>   According to a report by PBS's "Now" with Bill Moyer, their managers are trained in what government social programs are available for these "employees" to take advantage of so that the company can pass on those costs to you and me. It allows them to not only keep their $7 BILLION in annual profits, but to do so by substituting benefits they refuse to provide with benefits paid for with taxpayer dollars.
>   This company holds the record for the most suits filed against it by the
>   Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. A lawyer from "Business Week" (not exactly the bastion for supporting Labour) said, "I have never seen this kind of blatant disregard for the law." They had to pay $750,000.00 in Arizona for blatant  discrimination against the disabled! The judge was so incensed that he also ordered them to run commercials admitting their guilt.
>   The National Labour Relations Board has issued over 40 formal complaints against the corporation in 25 different states in just the past five years. The NLRB's top lawyer believed that their labour violations, such as illegal spying on employees,  fraudulent record keeping, falsifying time cards to avoid paying overtime, threats, illegal firings for union organizing, etc., were so widespread that he was looking into filing a very rare national complaint against the company.
>   Nearly 1 MILLION women are involved in the largest class-action suit ever filed against a corporation. Although women make up over 65% of this corporation's work force, only 10% of them are managers. The women who have become store  managers make $16,400 a year LESS then the men.
>   The corporation took out nearly 350,000 life insurance policies on their employees.
>   They did not tell the employees and then named the corporation as the beneficiary!!
>   They are now being sued by numerous employees, and although the corporation has stopped this practice of purchasing what is known as "Dead Peasant Policies", A company spokesperson stated, "The company feels it acted properly and legally
>   in doing this."
>   They force employees to work AFTER ng them to punch out.  In Texas alone,this
>   practice of "wage theft" is estimated to have cost employees $30 million per year. Wage theft or "off-the-clock" lawsuits are pending in 25 states. In New Mexico they paid $400,000.00 in one suit and in Colorado they had to pay $50 MILLION to settle one class-action case brought against them. In Oregon,a jury found them guilty of locking employees in the building and of forcing unpaid overtime.
>   With 4,400 stores, they practice "predatory pricing." They come into a community and sell their goods at below cost until they drive local businesses under. Once
>   they have captured the market, the prices go up. Locally owned and operated businesses put virtually all of their money back into the community which helps keep the local economies vibrant. This corporation sucks the money out of the local community, decreases wages and benefits and ships the profits out of state. This company doesn't buy locally or bank locally. They replace three decent paying jobs in a community with two poorly paid "part-timers". In Kirksville, Missouri when  this company came to town, four clothing stores, four grocery stores, a stationery store, a fabric store and a lawn-and-garden store all went under. Eleven businesses are now gone.
>   (The above information can be found in "Thieves in High Places", James Hightower, The Penguin Group, New York, NY,  2003 p. 166 193.) Now you know how they can
>   claim, "Always low prices." Wal-Mart is the largest corporation in the world, larger than General Motors and Exxon Mobil. Wal-Mart will reap over 250 billion dollars in sales in
>   2003, which is larger than the entire gross national product of Israel and Ireland combined. It has over 1.3 million employees. It sells more groceries,  jewellery, photo processing, dog food, and vitamins than any other chain in the world.
>    Wal-Mart is owned by the Walton family. Please feel free to circulate this memo to
>   everyone on your email lists. Only we, concerned North American citizens can stop  this race to the bottom.






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