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Subject: Campbell breaks promise with expanded internet gambling, says James

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Subject: Campbell breaks promise with expanded internet gambling, says James


Campbell breaks promise with expanded internet gambling, says James

-- NDP Leader says new games show the Premier can't be trusted to keep commitments --

VICTORIA - After promising not to expand gambling, the BC Lottery Corporation's new internet sports betting scheme shows, once again, that the Premier can't be trusted to keep his campaign commitments, NDP Leader Carole James said today.

Late last week, the BCLC announced it will offer sports betting on the internet, saying it expects to scoop up $130 million in new gambling revenue.

"Again and again, the Premier shows he can't be trusted," said James. "This new lottery scheme is in addition to a massive expansion of slot machines and more than a doubling of revenue the government takes from gaming operations."

James said the Premier spoke out against gaming in Opposition, and featured his promise not to expand gambling in his "New Era" platform. She challenged the Premier to justify allowing the Lottery Corporation to break his promise.

"Gordon Campbell doesn't think he is accountable to the public for his promises. Whether it's the sale of BC Rail, the carving up of Hydro, the privatization of health care, or the expansion of gambling, the Premier has broken faith with the public and demonstrated that his promises before an election aren't worth the paper they were printed on."

James called on Liberal backbenchers, like Kamloops MLA Kevin Krueger, who opposed expanded gambling to have the courage to speak out against the Premier.

"MLAs like Mr. Krueger staked their credibility on the promise to keep gaming in check," said James. "The Premier is making them look very foolish, and they will pay a price at the polls if they keep quiet about this broken promise."

James said the Premier's broken promises call into question the truthfulness of his campaign commitments leading up the 2005 election.

"How can we trust the Premier when he says he will spend more on health, education, and children, when he can't be trusted to keep a simple promise to halt the expansion of gambling," said James. "Clearly, the Premier is happy to say one thing to get votes and to do another once in power."

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