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Hospital safety, hygeine 'inadequate'

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Hospital safety, hygeine 'inadequate'
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VANCOUVER -- The B.C. Nurses Union is complaining about security at a Vancouver Island hospital and cleanliness at a Fraser Valley hospital.
The union is demanding security be increased at Cowichan District Hospital after a patient apparently in a drug-induced psychosis went berserk in the emergency ward.
The man shattered a window at the nursing station and swung a metal post around, and it took seven police officers to restrain him.
The union says security at the hospital is completely inadequate and nurses have been appealing for the health authority to do something about it for months.
Meanwhile, the union says a private contractor was cleaning infant incubators in a room exposed to contaminated bodily fluids at MSA Hospital in Abbotsford.
The union says the room is used to empty patient bed pans and store linen soiled with vomit, blood and excrement.
The union says despite repeated warnings from nurses, the practice was only stopped after the union reported the issue to the Workers Compensation Board.
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